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My name is Dafnis Papadopoulos, the founder of Tribotanica. Following 8 years of work in the banking sector including investment consulting and consuming unhealthy food as a result of the stressful and demanding work life and failing to take care of myself. 

I realised that my health should be my number one priority so I began to invest my time in reading blogs and watching YouTube videos, dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. This is when I discovered alkaline foods and it has since changed my life.

By submerging myself in research, I was interested to find suggestions that an alkaline diet might improve health in people with various diseases, specifically kidney disease. In addition, alkaline diet could raise the body's pH to make it less acidic and more alkaline. Most proponents of the diet suggest weight loss and fights diseases, by encouraging people to eat more fruits, vegetables and fewer processed meats or high-fat dairy products. For this reason, introducing alkaline foods into my life has significantly improved my overall health by feeling more energetic, happier and calmer. But the biggest physical change I noticed was in my skin and body, the changed in my diet really seem to improved my skin complexion. My body underwent a detox from toxins and heavy metals accumulated through eating processed meat and dairy products throughout my entire life. 

This life changing decision has inspired my family and my friends to follow this journey alongside myself. I had such a strong desire to share everything I knew so they could also experience this immense life transformation.

After witnessing consistent results with the people around me, I have decided to open this store to be able to share with all of you, the same herbs that helped change my life


Our products are organic herbs, authentic and real wildcrafted. Every batch and every package, is a unique representation of the natural environment and the time of harvest without human intervention or any chemicals. Our herbs are carefully collected for high quality and environmentally friendly packaged in Cyprus.

I would like to sincerely thank you for visiting my store and I wish you all a healthy life with full of grace.  

I'm excited to embark on this journey together.

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